john smith (heiswolves) wrote,
john smith

sweet lover

i've been warmed by your lips, sweet lover, once upon a time when i never knew you. but you are only familiar to me when i've taken you each time with a blade so sharp it pierces us both. i am still living and i cannot tell you why, and my reasons for existing are cheap. i breathe just to hold you and hold you just to feel alive, and feeling alive is an insatiable lust that rustles like leaves everytime i am sitting in my apartment, alone and shadowed.

i know that if you could speak you would tell me how nonsensical my sentenses sometimes mostly are, and then we would laugh and i would say "yes i will fix this flaw." but sunlight is too bright and i've always been charmed with the dark. so you are dark like night in front of me, your body unwrapped like the long ribbon of a kite. the skin that covers your bones is like an ebony kingdom, and you were once the high priest, noble and standing strong. i wonder if you see my facial features clearly as you stare like a dumb animal, your eyes mere slits surrounded by cool dark skin. in my palm is the only structure that feels familiar to me and you are scared of it, this sharp metal, sharpest, cool and shining. now you are understanding that the only way out is through my hand, and my hand is controlling the controller; the prey hunting the hunter and succeeding. but only when my sheets are stained with you, and they've been stained now like flowers stain fresh canvas, though the color is beautiful it burns my eyes like every night. i'm spent and alone, without you now, but i've loved your night dark skin when no one else would,
in the worst way there is,
i love you

sweet lover
1:24 am.
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